Academic Planning

DIGEST 2001 to 2009

The importance of a Digest as a credible source of information cannot be overemphasized especially in a very strategic sector of the global socio-economy – The Educational Sector. A Digest of Statistics is an indispensable tool for effective planning, review and execution of developmental policies and programmes. It equally educates the various stakeholders in the Educational Sector on the efforts made in the past and also gives a glimpse into the direction and vision of the University. It is in view of this strategic role that the Management of the University approved the production of this Digest; which spans a period of thirteen sessions (2000/2001 to 2012/2013).

This particular digest is very significant not only because it gives at a glance, a very clear picture of the status of the various units in the University, but also because it gives a historical perspective (albeit with charts and figures) to the efforts of the past and current Administrators of FUTA in lifting the University to a very enviable height. The Digest shows the progress which has been made in the growth and development of the University (with emphasis on the staff and students); and indicates aspirations for the future. This is why this Digest has included information on total and new students’ enrolment, staff mix by sex and nationality; amongst other information which I believe will be found to be extremely useful to various users.

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Inaugural Lecture 2000 to 2013:Download

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